WATCH: Jim Jordan Wants to Investigate Governors Who Issued Stay at Home Orders

Over the last number of days, Fox News pundits have been pushing the idea that Americans need to get back to work. Of course, most of these pushes have been made from the comfort of their homes.

Congressman Jim Jordan – Source: Flickr (gageskidmore)

One of the biggest proponents of this get back to work movement has been Judge Jeanine Pirro. On her Saturday show, Pirro welcomed Jim Jordan, a well-known lawmaker from Ohio. The congressman told the host that the Judiciary Committee should be investigating Governors who have issued shutdown orders.

The Ohio lawmaker began his rant by telling Pirro, “It is time we get back to work. One of the things we should do, Judge, particularly on the Judiciary Committee. We should be looking at the very thing you talked about in your opening monologue. We should be looking at the threats to liberty we see.”

While the host egged him on, Jordan continued, “Where governors are saying you’re going to get ticketed if you go to church. The Mayor of Los Angles (Eric Garcetti), one of our largest cities, said snitches will be rewarded.”

The congressman finished, “What kind of message is that? We had a prosecutor in one of our biggest counties in Ohio. A prosecutor said, that if he was the governor, he would call in the National Guard on people going to church.”

You can watch a video of Jordan’s rant below, courtesy of Fox News:


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