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WATCH: Jim Jordan Claims Marriage Protection Is Intended To “Intimidate” SCOTUS

WATCH: Jim Jordan Claims Marriage Protection Is Intended To “Intimidate” SCOTUS

Now that the United States Supreme Court has signaled that precedent may hold as strongly as is typically expected, Congressional Democrats are making an effort to codify protections that will ensure Americans have the same rights that have been established, including access to contraception and other issues related to privacy in personal choice.

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Despite half a century of precedent, and despite the assurances of the newest three Justices to take the bench that they respect that precedent, SCOTUS recently overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade case that declared it unconstitutional for a law to prevent a pregnant person from making their own decision, with a medical professional, to terminate the pregnancy.

In doing so, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a separate opinion from the rest of the majority, expressing that he also felt certain other longstanding precedents, including protections for marriage equality and access to contraceptives, should be revisited.

For this reason, there are currently bills in Congress to codify these rights into Federal law.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) is not happy about it — he considers this to be an attack on SCOTUS, akin to breaking the news of sexual assault allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

“We thought the Democrats were obsessed with President Trump, but Justice Thomas is a close second. This bill is simply the latest installment of the Democrats’ campaign to delegitimize and intimidate the United States Supreme Court.”

As the Supreme Court’s duty is not to establish legislation, only to make determinations of whether challenged laws are Constitutional, it’s not clear how Representative Jordan thinks the Justices could be “intimidated” by Congress passing laws protecting a right.

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