WATCH: Jim Acosta Says Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Have the Balls to Tell You the Truth

Tucker Carlson has always been especially opinionated for a cable news host. His own network argued in a courtroom that he wasn’t actually a journalist, instead painting him as an entertainer.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

And the Fox personality has seemingly lost his mind since Donald Trump lost the election last fall. This week, he dedicated a segment each day to Nicki Minaj’s absurd COVID claim. On Saturday, Jim Acosta ripped into Carlson, saying the host didn’t “have the balls” to tell his viewers the truth.

The CNN host began, “All week long Tucker Carlson was obsessed with this Nicki Minaj tweet claiming her cousin’s friend developed some swelling after receiving a vaccine.”

Acosta continued, “The problem is not Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s medical issues, it’s that some of the most prominent forces on the far right, whether on Fox or on their podcasts, don’t have the balls to tell you the truth. If you just get the vaccine, you’re protected. That’s it. If everybody gets onboard, the pandemic can finally end.”

Noting that over 90% of Fox News employees are vaccinated, Acosta closed, “If only reliable, trustworthy information about this pandemic could reach everybody. Instead, some big-name voices on the far right are peddling lies for profit.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of CNN:

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