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[WATCH] Jim Acosta Roasts ‘Ayatollah of Paranoia’ Tucker Carlson

[WATCH] Jim Acosta Roasts ‘Ayatollah of Paranoia’ Tucker Carlson

Jim Acosta is essentially the only reason to ever turn your TV to CNN. The best decision the network has made in years was giving Acosta his own platform to do what he does best: rake Republicans doing wrong by the country over the coals. Repeatedly.

Acosta has also focused his ire on another worthy target who fits that description and worse: Tucker Carlson. The new Hungarian stan was the focus of a brand new rant on Saturday that saw Acosta anointing Carlson with yet another nickname: the “Ayatollah of Paranoia”.

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Acosta kicked off his diatribe with a lecture about patriotism, pointing the finger at Republicans for being the exact opposite of patriots. “All week long, Trump and his team have been spiking the football on President Biden’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan,” Acosta began. “It’s worth reminding everyone just who moved the ball to the goal line. Some key Trump officials have conveniently forgotten that.”

Blocking Team Trump from rewriting the history of the situation in Afghanistan, Acosta reminded viewers of just how everything went down. “By now you’ve seen the video of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban last November,” Acosta said. “It was Trump who laid the foundation for the current U.S. withdrawal. It was Trump who was going to meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David before canceling at the last minute. He praised them time and again.”

Acosta then turned his attention to Tucker Carlson and his employer, Fox News. “The pictures of Afghans clinging to military planes are not what riles up the Fox audience. It’s these images, of Afghans loaded onto those planes,” Acosta said, showing a crowded C-17 cargo plane loaded with refugees.

“And leave it to Tucker Carlson, Fox’s ‘Ayatollah of Paranoia’ to take it one step too far,” Acosta continued, introducing a clip of the Fox personality warning about a refugee invasion. “If we really want to get home from Afghanistan, I know one light showing us the way,” Acosta said with an image of the Statue of Liberty.

Watch Jim Acosta’s full ownership of whatever’s left of Tucker Carlson’s manhood, below.

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