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WATCH: Jim Acosta Rips Trump and the GOP For Their Exploitation of Kabul Attacks

WATCH: Jim Acosta Rips Trump and the GOP For Their Exploitation of Kabul Attacks

Back in 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked, the country came together. At one point, soon after the attacks, George W. Bush achieved a 90% approval rating, the highest in the history of Gallup.

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Since then, there has been 20 years of political polarization. If a president can reach even a 55% approval rating, they are doing an exemplary job. During his Saturday broadcast, CNN’s Jim Acosta discussed how rather than being a rallying moment, Donald Trump and Republicans attempted to exploit this weeks attacks in Kabul.

The host began, “If there were ever a moment for some sense of national unity, this was it. And yet in the hours that followed, the divisions in this country were all too apparent.”

Acosta continued, “President Biden should expect some of this criticism,” said Acosta. “That is politics. But it’s the knee-jerk immediacy of this political attacks that stands out. This wasn’t Monday morning quarterbacking. That would have meant waiting until the next morning. No, this is Monday morning exploitation, and it’s shameful.”

The CNN host concluded:

“There used to be a time and place for politics after so much bloodshed. So many times we hear politicians simply offer thoughts and prayers. Well, if there ever was a moment for just thoughts and prayers, this was it. The tweets, the statements — this time should’ve been about putting the troops first with thoughts and prayers.

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Thoughts and prayers for the Marines and our other service members who died Thursday. Thoughts and prayers for their families. Thoughts and prayers for the troops leaving Afghanistan as we speak. Thoughts and prayers for the Afghan people and for this country.

Just imagine, just this once if we simply offered our thoughts and prayers. Give it some thought. Pray on it.”

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