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WATCH: Jenna Ellis Claims 5 States Should Decertify Election Results

WATCH: Jenna Ellis Claims 5 States Should Decertify Election Results

Jenna Ellis faces ethics complaint

Jenna Ellis is among the attorneys who has been fighting to discredit the 2020 election and convince the public that Joe Biden’s win — and more to the point, Donald Trump’s loss — was somehow faked or engineered. Now she claims that there’s sufficient evidence to decertify the election results in five swing states.

Marijuana use equals impeachment, says Jenna Ellis
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Attorneys bringing false and unfounded claims in court have been ordered to pay up in excess of $200k after a judge determined that the challenges were bad-faith attempts to legitimize disinformation, despite the defense by one attorney, Sidney Powell, that no one should ever have believed the claims were factual.

Still, that’s not stopping Ellis from continuing to spread the same claims, with new embellishments.

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As seen in the clip above, she’s still telling anyone who will listen that there is actual evidence of election fraud, and that a process is available to decertify the 2020 election results, more than 8 months into Joe Biden’s presidential term and almost a year after the election.

This is despite the fact that every recount, audit, cyber symposium, and court case has proven to be a dud, with no evidence of election fraud ever surfacing. However, Donald Trump continues to campaign, and several of his surrogates continue to tell the public they believe he’ll be reinstated to the presidency.

Ellis is standing by her claims, although according to USA Today she announced in July that she was leaving the Republican Party, because party officials were openly mocking her and calling her attack on the election a joke.

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