WATCH: Jen Psaki Shuts Down a Fox News Reporter’s Dr. Seuss Gotcha Question

There are so many things to discuss today on any cable news program. FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before a senate committee today to discuss the threat of white supremacy. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley humiliated themselves at CPAC this weekend. And a stimulus package that affects most Americans will move to the senate this weekend.

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
Rather than discussing any of these topics, though, Fox News has dedicated Tuesday’s programming to the cancellation of Dr. Seuss. This carried over to today’s White House press briefing. Jen Psaki, however, was ready for a gotcha Dr. Seuss question from a Fox News reporter.

Fox’s Kristin Fisher asked, “Both former Presidents Trump and Obama mentioned Dr. Seuss in their Read Across America Day proclamations, but President Biden did not. Why not?”

“The proclamation was written by the Department of Education,” Psaki replied. “But you’re right, Read Across America Day, which has only existed for a short period of time, elevates and celebrates a love of reading among our nation’s youngest leaders and the day is also a chance to celebrate diverse authors whose work and lived experience reflect the diversity of our country. And that’s what they hoped to do this year.”

Fisher then tried to press, asking, “Does the omission have anything to do with the controversy about the lack of diverse characters in the authors’ books?”

Psaki said again, “It is important that children of all backgrounds see themselves in the children’s books that they read.”


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