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WATCH: Jen Psaki Says She is Blissful That She Doesn’t Have to Work For Ted Cruz

WATCH: Jen Psaki Says She is Blissful That She Doesn’t Have to Work For Ted Cruz

Joe Biden is soon to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court. He has pledged that the nominee will be a Black woman. Although the candidate has yet to be named, Republicans have already started to attack her. No one has been more aggressive in the attack than Ted Cruz.

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During her Wednesday presser, Jen Psaki was asked why Cruz has a problem with Biden announcing he would nominate a female candidate now when he had no such qualms when Donald Trump said the same thing a year and a half ago. The Press Secretary responded:

“I read that exact quote yesterday. Glad lots of people are following it. You know it’s really a question for Senator Cruz. But it is important to note as you just did in your question that there was never an objection by Senator Cruz to Donald Trump promising that he’d nominate a woman in 2020. You noted what he said to the woman nominated in the hearing and how he applauded her in the hearing.”

Psaki continued, “The notion, in the President’s view, is that there has not been a Black woman, ever on the Supreme Court in 230 years is a problem with the process. Not a lack of qualified, credentialed people to consider. And that’s his view, and I think that’s a question best for Senator Cruz.”

When the reporter asked what the hangup was, the Press Secretary answered, “That’s exactly why I called out this question yesterday, but I am blissfully not a spokesperson for Senator Cruz, so he can best answer that question.”


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