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WATCH: Jen Psaki is Asked if Biden Would Consider ‘Partnership’ With Trump

WATCH: Jen Psaki is Asked if Biden Would Consider ‘Partnership’ With Trump

For months, Conservatives have been saying that it would be helpful for Joe Biden to credit Donald Trump’s job on vaccines. It is a strange request. While Trump was in office while the vaccines were developed, he has also helped push vaccine hesitancy along with his minions at Fox News.

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But this week Biden did credit Trump for the inoculations. A surprised Trump even responded to the comments. That only goes too far. During today’s presser, Jen Psaki was asked if Biden would consider a partnership with his predecessor.

A reporter asked, “Would the White House consider a partnership with the former president, to get some of those folks that are vaccine-hesitant to actually get the jab?”

Psaki responded:

“I don’t know that we think it requires a partnership. I think we believe that, you know, the former president being out there and stating what is factually accurate about the efficacy of vaccines, of getting boosted, which he recently did, of course, is a good thing. Right?

And it’s a good thing to have a range of voices out there; Democrats, Republicans, independents, celebrities, non-celebrities, whomever people will be listening to out in the country. We continue to believe that the most effective voices are local voices, local people. That’s who everybody listens to, people in their community, your neighbor, your friend, your cousin, your pediatrician.

But certainly, we would applaud, and have, the former president’s comments.”

Watch a clip of the response below, courtesy of ABC News:

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