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[WATCH] Jen Psaki Impresses the Press in First Official Briefing

[WATCH] Jen Psaki Impresses the Press in First Official Briefing

Pity the White House Press Corps, beleaguered from four years of a rotating podium of Trumpian Press Secretaries lying to them from their first appearances, who gathered on Wednesday evening of Inauguration Day. Verbally abused by Trump, lied to by Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders,  and Kayleigh McEnany (Stephanie Grisham never even spoke to them), they wondered what they would get when Jen Psaki took over the role of Press Secretary for the brand new Biden Administration.

After a brief opening statement outlining her experience and her intentions, as well as enumerating the many new Executive Orders signed by President Joe Biden, Psaki warmly said to the assembled members of the media, “And now I’d love to take your questions.”

The first tentative question was about her view of the press. Psaki assured the questioner that she had nothing but the utmost respect for the press and then proved it by continuing to take all questions respectfully, answering them to the best of her ability.

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She was asked how often she planned to hold briefings. “Daily,” she replied. “Monday through Friday, not Saturday and Sunday, I’m not a monster.”

Watch the full first Press Briefing of the Biden Administration, below.

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