WATCH: Jen Psaki Explains Why She Doubts Trump’s Social Media Will Be Reinstated

There’s been an official announcement that Donald Trump’s Facebook account is suspended until at least 2023, and his supporters aren’t happy about it. While Facebook is not a government entity and Press Secretary Jen Psaki doesn’t work for or speak for the company, a media question was addressed to her about the decision, and she shared her thoughts.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Psaki has become known for her ‘Psaki Bombs’ — quick responses that cut to the heart of the question. In this case, she shared her own opinion about any hypothetical reinstatement for Trump, suggesting that she doesn’t expect it to happen, since Trump’s bad behavior on social media has been out in the open to observe for years, and there’s no sign the “zebra’s gonna change his stripes over the next 2 years.”


Donald Trump just shut down his blog, with his posts being shifted from the now-deleted ‘Desk of Donald J. Trump’ portion of the site to the ‘News’ page. Despite reports that this was due to low readership, his aide, Jason Miller, says it’s really because he’s joining a new social media site, and that this new site will challenge Twitter.

Despite this supposed new site that has been a talking point since before Trump left office, an official statement from the ex-president suggests he’s still unhappy about the decision.

Trump’s complaint about the ruling as “censoring and silencing” and his declaration that he will “ultimately” win doesn’t exactly showcase confidence in the popularity and success of a new platform, especially after his blog failed.

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