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WATCH: Jen Psaki Brutally Mocks ‘World Renowned Business Traveler’ Ted Cruz

WATCH: Jen Psaki Brutally Mocks ‘World Renowned Business Traveler’ Ted Cruz

Fox News has spent the better part of the last week arguing about vaccine mandates. Tucker Carlon spent a fair bit of yesterday’s program saying that the network didn’t have a vaccine mandate (while they don’t have a mandate, non vaccinated employees are subject to daily testing).

The Conservative network has also been pushing the claims that Southwest Airline is cancelling flights because they don’t have enough vaccinated pilots. This claim was later refuted by the airline.

That didn’t stop a reporter from asking Jen Psaki, “What’s the WH response to people who say that vaccine mandates have reduced the workforce?”

The Press Secretary responded:

“I know world renowned business travel and health expert Senator Ted Cruz has made that point but I wouldn’t say that is widely acknowledged or echoed by business leaders who have implemented these mandates. By health experts who conveyed the way to get out of the pandemic is to ensure we are doing exactly the steps the president has announced and we are working to implement. It doesn’t mean that it is not hard and challenging. Of course it is, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic.”

Psaki continued, “I know there was a little hubbub over the course of the last few days about Southwest airlines. We now know that some of those claims were actually false and some of the issues were completely unrelated to vaccine mandates.

Watch a clip from the presser below:

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