WATCH: Jeffrey Toobin Lights Up Federal Judge Aileen Cannon

When Donald Trump was in office, he was able to nominate three Supreme Court Justices, drastically affecting the country. But he also placed several other judges to federal positions despite limited experience and qualifications solely due to their support for him. 

One of the judges, Aileen Cannon, is already showing Trump that she is willing to use drastic methods to protect him. Cannon is handling the federal case regarding Trump's handling of classified documents. And she has used her position to delay the case again and again so that Trump wouldn't have to stand trial prior to the November election. 

This week, she opted to allow outside witnesses to argue that Jack Smith's position as special counsel should be invalidated. 

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show on Wednesday night and did not mince words when talking about just how unusual Cannon's decisions have been. He told the host: 

"This whole way she has conducted this case is wildly, totally, crazily unusual. And the allowing of outsiders to participate in a day-and-a-half hearing that most judges would decide on briefs or maybe give 10 minutes aside to argue is just another illustration that she is trying to kill this prosecution. That’s the only conclusion you can draw. No other judge in the federal system that I’m aware of would treat these issues anything like what she’s trying to do."