WATCH: Jeanine Pirro Was Once a Big Fan of Bill Barr, Now She’s Calling Him a Swamp Dweller

There are a number of daytime hosts on Fox News that are willing to call Joe Biden the president elect. At nighttime, however, figures like Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are still vying for Trump’s support.

But perhaps no one on the network is more in the president’s corner than Jeanine Pirro. Earlier this week, Trump’s own Attorney General William Barr admitted that there wasn’t evidence of fraud that could overturn the 2020 election. While Pirro was once a big fan of Barr, she is now referring to him as a swamp dweller.

The bombastic Fox News host began, “Unfortunately, the Attorney General Bill Barr has proven himself to be anything other than extraordinary. This week, Barr commented that he has not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

“Really? It’s curious, Barr, the head of the DOJ would affirmatively make a statement regarding a pending investigation,” she continued. “As a former prosecutor, for over three decades, I and virtually everyone similarly situated know that DOJ guidelines do not allow comment on investigations.”

Pirro closed her rant, “We need answers. We need action. We need justice. And you, Mr. Barr, are so deep in the swamp you can’t see beyond your fellow reptiles, and you are not the exceptional leader needed at this exceptional time in history.”


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