WATCH: Jeanine Pirro Says the Point of Masks is to Dehumanize and Frighten People

Certain anchors of Fox News have essentially come out against any recommendation made to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite Doctors saying the drug is ineffective and may be unsafe, Laura Ingraham has continued to push hydroxychloroquine. Other anchors have said that social distancing isn’t effective in preventing spread.

And Jeanine Pirro, who is one of Donald Trump’s favorite host, has often railed against masks. During a recent appearance on a London talk show, Pirro said the point of masks is to “dehumanize” people.

When asked about the use of face coverings, the former Judge responded, “What is the point of the mask? The point of the mask is to basically kinda dehumanize. It’s to frighten people…It’s exactly what the anarchists and the protesters need…There are all kinds of subliminal messages to that mask.”

This is a departure from what Pirro was telling her viewers a few weeks ago. In Early July, the controversial host posted a Twitter picture wearing a mask while out to dinner. The picture may have caused an uproar among her fans, but she was still sending a positive message.

Notably, Pirro’s recent comments came on an outside show and not on the Fox News network. The channel has already faced one lawsuit over its Covid coverage with more likely to come.


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