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WATCH: January 6th Committee To Bring Evidence Trump Lied About Supporting Threats To Pence

WATCH: January 6th Committee To Bring Evidence Trump Lied About Supporting Threats To Pence

The January 6th Committee, last week, shared testimony that Donald Trump had agreed when his supporters called for the execution of Mike Pence. Trump immediately denied this. Now, the Committee says they’ll bring the evidence.

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According to testimony received by the House panel, when Trump’s supporters were invading the Capitol and chanting, “Hang Mike Pence,” those around the then-president called on him to speak out in support of his vice president. Trump, who also tweeted out another attack of his own against Pence, while the mob was on the move, reportedly rejected the pleas.

In fact, he reportedly responded by saying, “Maybe our supporters have the right idea. Mike Pence deserves it.”

Naturally, as this hit the airwaves, Trump was quick to deny it, declaring it a “made-up story by somebody looking to become a star,” although the witness has not come forward publicly.

Now, the Janaury 6th Committee is responding to that denial, promising that they’ll be bringing the evidence. Here’s Adam Schiff, responding on ABC‘s This Week.

“We will be demonstrating the proof behind that comment. Everything that the Chair [Bennie Thompson] and vice chair [Liz Cheney] said during our hearing was well-documented and analyzed. We dotted every i and crossed every t in vetting what our committee would say. So we’ll be presenting the evidence of that. At this point we’re not ready to say who or when.”

Public hearings resume Monday morning at 10am. The January 6th Committee has already hit Trump hard with evidence that the white supremacist and militia groups had planned the attack in advance, and that those around him already knew the Big Lie was a lie, and revelations are expected to continue.

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