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WATCH: Jamie Raskin Warns GOP Is “Now Outside Our Constitutional Order”

WATCH: Jamie Raskin Warns GOP Is “Now Outside Our Constitutional Order”

The two-party system in the United States is far from perfect. Still, when it functions at its peak, it provides a framework that lets each voter categorize politicians according to platform and ideologies and throw support behind those who best represent the voter’s interests. Now, however, that system seems more broken than ever.

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Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) appeared on CNN Monday to explain a significant part of the problem: the Republican Party is no longer even pretending to operate within that Constitutional order that lays out the role f government. He says the party is now more like a religious cult in its operation.

“We’re in the fight of our lives. [Trump] continues to propound his Big Lie, and everything that flows from his Big Lie. It’s shocking that one of America’s major political parties, the one founded by Abraham Lincoln, has now wrapped itself around lies, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and disinformation. They’re now outside of our Constitutional order. They attack our Constitutional system, they attack the outcome of our elections.”

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It has been called a Dult of Personality, swirling around Donald Trump. In fact, last year — just over a month after his mob stormed the Capitol Building — USA Today reported that a poll revealed Republican voters would choose the Party of Trump over the Republican Party, in the event of a hypothetical split.

As a matter of course, even most Republicans who do speak out against some of the Trumpiest behavior — such as those who initially said he held responsibility for the attack on the Capitol — seem to follow it with an about-face, in which they ‘forget’ they ever spoke against the former President, and revert to giving him their full and unwavering support.

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