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WATCH: Jamie Raskin Uses Jim Jordan’s Own Benghazi Argument Against Him

WATCH: Jamie Raskin Uses Jim Jordan’s Own Benghazi Argument Against Him

For several years, Republicans have displayed sheer hypocrisy when it comes to investigations. While they may have railed against every probe into Donald Trump, they looked into Benghazi for years. And a major participant in that Benghazi situation was Jim Jordan.

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Jordan was recently asked to testify in front of the 1/6 commission. Not surprisingly, he said no to the request. During a recent interview on MSNBC, Jaime Raskin called out Jordan for his hypocrisy.

The Maryland Democrat told John Heilemann, “To answer Jim Jordan, I would quote Jim Jordan from the views that he expressed in the final Benghazi report, where he said that all of the truth must come out. Everybody needs to testify, and nobody’s got the right to hide anything from Congress. So, I think he had it right then.”

Raskin continued:

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“Article I of the Constitution gives each House of Congress the right to set the rules of its own proceedings. We are also — have disciplinary power over members, including the power of censure, admonishment, all the way to expulsion from the body and the speech and debate clause says members of Congress should not be questioned for their legislative work and judgments outside of congress, clearly implying they can be questioned inside of Congress. And, of course, that’s a habitual occurrence with the Ethics Committee where we call people all the time so there’s nothing remotely extraordinary about the idea that we can call and demand the presence of members.”

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