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[WATCH] Jamie Raskin Tells Stephen Colbert That Autocrats Are Conspiring ‘From Moscow to Mar-A-Lago’

[WATCH] Jamie Raskin Tells Stephen Colbert That Autocrats Are Conspiring ‘From Moscow to Mar-A-Lago’

It might bring worried liberal Americans some relief to know that our elected Democratic officials in Washington are actually plenty aware of what’s happened to their Republican counterparts. In fact, there are things we’re never going to know because our sitting members of Congress want to protect us from knowing how close to Armageddon we all actually are.

But as I’ve been writing about for a while, the rise of White Nationalism paired with the GOP’s endless need to control everyone while also forcing Christianity on everyone is causing a perfect storm of growing fascism that’s going to decimate the country like something out of a science fiction movie if Democrats don’t manage to not just hold onto their majorities in Congress, but add to them.

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The extreme right-wing faction of the GOP is now the de facto voice of the party no matter what its elders might say. With the Christian Nationalists pulling the white hoods off of their movement and proudly rebranding Hitler’s Final Solution under the guise of “patriotism,” there’s a question that always nags at me: who started this crap, anyway? Who brought religion into politics, and why? The Founders made it clear that religion had no place in government, but that hasn’t stopped the Ultra MAGAts from cherry-picking the Constitution and the Bible and cobbling all of the crap together to make up their dumb MAGA cult rules.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) sort of has an answer, which at its most basic level comes down to: dictators are gonna dictate & they’re all in cahoots to have a small number of people controlling the entire world. It’s fine, nothing like a little New World Order/Final Solution plan to make the summer more interesting. Raskin, who’s a member of the January 6th House Select Committee, told Stephen Colbert all about the autocrats marching “from Moscow to Mar-A-Lago,” indicating Donald Trump is a part of the network of autocrats and dictators around the world who are working together to subvert democratic institutions and ideals. He also discussed the Secret Service missing text scandal and other aspects of the Committee’s ongoing investigation.

Most of all, Americans just want some accountability already.

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