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WATCH: Jamie Raskin Calls Out Lies: FBI Has Not Said 1/6 Wasn’t Coordinated Attack

WATCH: Jamie Raskin Calls Out Lies: FBI Has Not Said 1/6 Wasn’t Coordinated Attack

You may have heard — especially if you’ve been exposed to right-wing media sources — that the FBI has published a report on the failed insurrection Trump supporters attempted in January. In fact, this isn’t true at all, and Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) is correcting the record.

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In a short video clip, Raskin addressed this lie, which has been circulating for weeks, explaining that it got a boost from Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and that he can’t let it go unchallenged.

He notes that when he said more than 600 people had been arrested for their roles in the attack, Biggs contradicted him and said it was fewer — Raskin is able to confirm that there were 631 arrests.

More importantly, he says that he believes Biggs did acknowledge, after the fact, that the FBI report did not exist — that is, the purported FBI report that right-wing media claims was released, declaring that there was no cooperation between groups at the Capitol, that the attack could not be called an insurrection.

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“He’d originally said the FBI put out a report saying they didn’t find collusion or insurrection. No such report exists…the level of propaganda and disinformation and fake news about January 6th is getting alarming.”

The stories touting a non-existent ‘report’ may in part originally stem from a Reuters exclusive, in which four anonymous sources who are current or former law enforcement weighed in, with one former official in particular saying that “maybe 5%” was “militia groups that were more closely organized,” but that 95% was “one-off” cases.

However, it should be understood that this was not an official report, but the views of four anonymous individuals.

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