WATCH: Jamie Raskin Blasts Eric Trump and his 'Business Dealings'

This week, it was reported that Donald Trump has received more than $7 million from foreign governments while in office. It seems that the campaign felt that the best person to defend Trump's actions was his son Eric. 

While campaigning, Eric told stories about how he would operate heavy machinery for his father's company while he was 12 years old. He noted that he was paid minimum wage. He also had this to say, "All foreign government profits, for stays at our hotels and other properties while my father was in office, were voluntarily donated to the United States Treasury."

When asked about that particular comment on CNN, "Yes, I love that excuse because he's saying, 'Well, trust us. We will go through all the numbers,' and they put in, I think, half a million dollars which kind of gives the game away."

The Maryland Democrat continued, "They know they're taking millions of dollars in unlawful, unconstitutional foreign government payments, but he says, 'Trust us, we will do our own accounting. We are not going to show it to you, but we will give some money back.'"

Raskin closed, "The Constitution doesn't say that you can't keep profits from foreign governments, the Constitution says you can't keep any payments at all without going to Congress to have it accepted."