WATCH: James Comer Says He Went on CNN to Appeal to 'Low-IQ Audience'

Since he became the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Kentucky Congressman James Comer has talked about taking the 'Biden crime family' to task. The problem is that the Republican can't find any evidence to back up his claims. He is the classic big talker who is completely unable to back any of it up. 

Comer recently appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper. Tapper mockingly asked Comer to produce any evidence which he was unable to do. The Congressman returned to Newsmax on Monday for a safe interview where he said CNN's viewers have low IQs. 

Host Rob Finnerty asked the Kentucky Republican, "He’s he’s making your investigation sound like a joke, and he’s trying to make you look like a joke. And then half of America sees that, and they think your investigation is a joke. How do you work around that? How do you work through that?"

Comer responded:

"Well, that’s the first time I went on CNN in three months. We thought we would give it a try. You know, Jake Tapper is an intelligent guy, but he’s playing to a low IQ audience. You know, CNN just is hemorrhaging viewers every day. And Jake’s doing what he’s told by his bosses at CNN, who are doing what they’re told by their bosses, the Democratic National Committee. I mean, CNN is a wholly owned, unprofitable subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee."