WATCH: Jake Tapper Slams Trump Over Jewish Voter Comments

Donald Trump is spending his days in a New York City courtroom, desperate to be on the campaign trail attacking his opponent, Joe Biden. The best the former President can do, though, is giving mini press conferences outside of the courthouse each day. 

Joe Biden recently announced that he would stop sending Israel weaponry if he is to begin operations in Rafah. Trump is angling to make this a campaign issue and, yesterday, told Jews that they should have their heads examined if they vote Democratic. 

CNN host Jake Tapper, a Jew himself, went off on Trump over the comments. He began, "Let me just say, this idea, the Jewish people vote for Joe Biden, ‘they’re going to have to have their heads examined.’ Jews vote for Democrats roughly 75, 80%. To say that 75 or 80% of the Jewish people ‘need to get their heads examined’ is pretty offensive, empirically."

Kate Bedingfield, a former White House Communications Director, then weighed in: 

"So, you know, to me, that right there is an indicator of what a flawed messenger Donald Trump is, period. But going back to the politics on this, for Biden, I mean, look, I think what Joe Biden is doing is putting action to words. I mean, we know that President Biden and his team have been working directly with Israeli leadership for the last few months, trying to push them to a more tactical plan in Rafah, trying to limit civilian deaths. They’ve been very clear. We’ve seen a lot of reporting that they’ve been very clear and very direct. You know, President Biden has been direct with Netanyahu. This was going to be where he was going to need to be publicly if they did not adjust course. So, I think what Joe Biden is doing is showing that the words of an American president matter, and then the action you put behind it matters. Does not mean he’s walking away from supporting Israel."