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[WATCH] Jake Tapper Shuts Down Kevin McCarthy For Blaming America For January 6th

[WATCH] Jake Tapper Shuts Down Kevin McCarthy For Blaming America For January 6th

Trump’s remaining loyalists just can’t publicly tell the truth about January 6th, even though they’ve been caught on tape speaking the truth about January 6th. The party that wants you to pretend reality isn’t happening is now also blaming you for their actions.

No, really, Kevin McCarthy says it’s “American’s fault” a whole bunch of Trump supporters showed up at the Capitol at his invitation. It’s also our fault that the Proud Boys never intended to watch Trump’s speech because they were too busy doing some recon before they went to grab some tacos to make sure they had full stomachs before laying siege to American democracy. And it’s all on us that Trump supporters used the halls and floors of the Capitol as their own personal toilets. We didn’t want Joe Biden certified, nah, not us.

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We already know there are more weak spineless traitors in the GOP at the moment than ever before, and we know this because Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the Vice-Chair of the January 6th House Select Committee, told us during their first televised hearing Thursday night. Rep. Cheney revealed that Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) and other members of the GOP went to Trump to ask for pre-emptive pardons before he left office. Pretty sure innocent and transparent people don’t need to do that, but since they won’t testify, I guess we have to trust Liz Cheney’s word over lying traitorous coward Scott Perry.

McCarthy has done all he can to protect himself while remaining in Trump’s favor, and my brain won’t let me think about the kind of compromises he’s made because he cares more about that than American democracy, but he’s the worst kind of spinless weak traitor. After hearing the testimony from just the first January 6th hearing, I’m done letting anyone try to spin what happened. It was Trump’s fault. Anyone saying otherwise is guilty along with him. Enough already.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper seems to agree, because he wouldn’t let McCarthy get away with blaming anyone else for January 6th. I mean, I wasn’t there, were you?

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