WATCH: Jake Tapper Hits Back at Trump VP Candidate After He Called Hush Money Payments 'A Filing Error'

After Kristi Noem bragged about killing a dog, the race to become Donald Trump's VP candidate appears to be wide open. And the best way to impress the former President is to go on different cable news channels and grovel to him. 

That is what Doug Burgum was doing on Sunday. The Governor of North Dakota was attempting to explain why Trump's decision to pay off a porn star was more of a clerical error than anything. CNN's Jake Tapper wasn't having any of it. 

The billionaire Republican began, "Everybody sees this is politically motivated and, like I said, a filing error is not something that would affect any American people that are trying to put food on the table and gas in the car — it doesn't affect them."

Tapper then jumped in, "There's no evidence that Joe Biden has anything to do with this case brought forward by District Attorney Bragg and you keep describing it as a filing error. I guess that's one interpretation."

Tapper continued:

"Another interpretation is that Donald Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, paid hush money to hide from the American people before the election. the fact that Mr. Trump had had a rendezvous with a porn star, and that they wanted to hide that from the American people until after the election. So far the the evidence that I've seen suggests there at least was some political motivation to this and they hid it so as to hide that from the public. That's a little bit more than just checking wrong box on a form."