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WATCH: Jaime Harrison Burns Lindsey Graham on Defunding Police Debate Question

WATCH: Jaime Harrison Burns Lindsey Graham on Defunding Police Debate Question

Debate season has not been kind to incumbent Republican senators. Georgia Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff recently went viral after taking apart incumbent Republican David Perdue during a recent debate. The moment was so crushing to Perdue that he ended up bailing out of his last debate against Ossoff.

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Lindsey Graham has also been having quite a difficult time going up against Jaime Harrison. Harrison mocked Graham’s COVID response during the first event by bringing a plexiglass shield to place between himself and the Republican. During Friday night’s debate, Harrison again got under Graham’s skin after the Republican accused him of supporting defunding the police.

The idea of defunding the police has been something Republicans have been using to attack their Democratic opponents this election season. Graham attempted to use this line against Harrison tonight.

The Democrat was ready. He responded:

“You have not been telling the truth on all of this. You said that I was for defunding the police. I don’t believe in defunding the police. That’s like defunding your family members. I have two family members right now that are currently serving in the police. Who go in and put their lives on the line every day. And so you need to be careful with your language. Right now, you are supporting defunding the police. Jaime just wrote an article about it. Because you have not passed this COVID relief bill, here in South Carolina we’ve had to dramatically reduce the budget of police.”

Watch a clip of the answer below:


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