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WATCH: “I’ve Been In A Perspiring Haze” Anti-Vax Radio Host Recounts His COVID-19 Experience

WATCH: “I’ve Been In A Perspiring Haze” Anti-Vax Radio Host Recounts His COVID-19 Experience

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the population, a handful of activists and influencers continue to push back against the best methods we have for protecting against severe illness and death from the virus. Eric Metaxas is not the first to rail against vaccination and then face off against the horrors of the virus, but in a new clip he describes just how serious it was for his family.

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Right Wing Watch shared Metaxas’ video on Twitter, in which the right-wing radio host describes why he’s been off the air for a bit, describing his family’s experience, including his elderly father’s emergency room visit when he contracted the virus.

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“I got COVID, Suzanne got COVID — I don’t know if she gave it to me or I gave it to her. But then she went to visit my parents, and gave it to them. My mother got it, and my father got it, and my current daughter, I won’t use her name on the air, let’s just say Hortense, went to nurse my parents…If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I have no idea where I’ve been. I’ve been in a perspiring haze for days and days and days. Obviously I’m mostly out of it, the fact that I can be functional and talk here for the first time in two weeks. The fact that my parents were ill was very upsetting to me. My dad had to go to the emergency room again, so it’s been a really crazy time…”

Despite this experience, the latest episode of Metaxas’ radio show still claims that “coronavirus hysteria” has taken over the government and is being used to deny citizens their rights and freedoms — so it doesn’t seem that his experience and his father’s serious illness is moving him to urge listeners to take precautions and avoid similar suffering.

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