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[WATCH] Ivanka ‘Doesn’t Know’ Weisselberg, Trump Org CFO Who Knows Where All the Bodies Are Buried

[WATCH] Ivanka ‘Doesn’t Know’ Weisselberg, Trump Org CFO Who Knows Where All the Bodies Are Buried

There’s a reason Ivanka Trump downplayed Allen Weisselberg‘s importance within the Trump Organization when being deposed regarding the Trump Inaugural Committee: he knows more about the Trump Org than even Michael Cohen, the Former Guy’s Former Fixer. And it’s almost certain that Weisselberg is about to flip on not just Donald, but the entire Trump family, according to someone who was once very close to all of them.

Jennifer Weisselberg, the ex-wife of Weisselberg’s son Barry, didn’t even stop to think it over when she was asked about her former father-in-law and the longtime Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization when she appeared on CNN Thursday. During the discussion about the New York investigations into the Trump Organization, host Erin Burnett asked her directly: “Will Allen Weisselberg flip on Trump?”

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Jennifer responded with a simple “yes,” which prompted Burnett to note there was “no hesitation” with her answer.

Cohen has also previously spoken about Allen Weisselberg being the most dangerous member of Trump’s inner circle, indicating that the former CFO handled more than just the Trump Organization’s funds; he was also in charge of personal finances for Donald and Melania Trump along with all of his adult children. Weisselberg was aware of various schemes run by the family, including the overinflation of property values when selling, then later devaluing them on their taxes.

The New York State Attorney General’s office announced Tuesday it was investigating the Trump Organization “in a criminal capacity,” as opposed to a civil one. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is also conducting a criminal investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed tax and insurance fraud, among other crimes.

Watch Jennifer Weisselberg’s interview with Erin Burnett, below.



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