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WATCH: “It’s Not Me” Rudy Giuliani Defends “Stolen Election” Claims As He Starts Cooperating With Feds

WATCH: “It’s Not Me” Rudy Giuliani Defends “Stolen Election” Claims As He Starts Cooperating With Feds

Rudy Giuliani is beginning to cooperate with investigators on at least one investigation, and on another, is simultaneously defending his claims and distancing himself from them.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

According to CNN, Giuliani is beginning to cooperate in the investigation into alleged foreign lobbying crimes in Ukraine, unlocking some of his devices that are in the possession of Federal investigators and giving a list of possible passwords that might unlock others. Whether the former Mayor of New York City genuinely can’t remember which passwords fit what devices, or is sending investigators on a wild goose hunt, there’s no official news at this point about exactly how many of the 18 seized devices they’ve been able to access, or what they’ve found on them, but there is a general expectation that prosecutors will make a decision soon about whether to press charges.

At the same time, the investigation into the January 6th attack is closing in, with multiple individuals pleading guilty to charges including conspiracy, and agreeing to cooperate with investigators in further pursuits. Giuliani isn’t saying whether he expects to get caught up in that particular net, but he is saying that the election fraud claims — for which he’s already faced defamation suits and suspension of his license to practice law — aren’t really his claims, just things that have been passed on to him. At the same time, he seems to defend the claims as true.

“In that special room, I’ve got a thousand documents showing a stolen election. And when I show those documents…it’s not me. How do I know there’s a stolen election? Because people told me there was a stolen election!”

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