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WATCH: “It’s Gonna End Up In Litigation” Donald Trump Pretends Twitter Lawsuit Isn’t Failing

WATCH: “It’s Gonna End Up In Litigation” Donald Trump Pretends Twitter Lawsuit Isn’t Failing

Donald Trump no longer has his Twitter audience, nor his Presidential podium, but it hasn’t stopped him from finding ways to reach his fans. He still makes appearances on right-wing news programs, and releases statements through a spokesperson who serves as his Twitter proxy. Then, of course, there are podcasts.

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This week he appeared on the Full Send podcast, where he talked about Joe Rogan, the Ukraine invasion, how the song YMCA gets people moving, and, of course, his Twitter ban.

In the clip below, he declares that he can’t say a lot about his Twitter case right now, because it’s “gonna end up in litigation.”

“I don’t wanna get into it because it’s gonna end up in litigation, but they banned the President of the United States, for saying things like I’m saying right now, good things…They have taken our country to a level of lowness like it’s never seen before…I had hundreds of millions of people on between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, and I went cold turkey. You have a lot but I had more.”

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Aside from the fact of overlap between followers on different platforms, there’s another problem with Trump’s assertion. A Federal judge has already indicated that there’s little likelihood of the Twitter case progressing.

According to Courthouse News, U.S. District Judge James Donato indicated just last month that he would likely dismiss the case. He explained that historically it has been understood that Twitter is not subject to the First Amendment, which applies to government entities preventing or controlling speech, rather than to private companies, telling Trump’s lawyer, “You’ve got a mountain of law saying ‘no’ to your First Amendment claim.”

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