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WATCH: It’s A Cult — GOP Convention Speaker Booed For Saying 2020 Election Can’t Be Decertified

WATCH: It’s A Cult — GOP Convention Speaker Booed For Saying 2020 Election Can’t Be Decertified

Republicans might live in a fantasy world, but here in reality, facts exist. One of them is that the United States has no process for decertifying an election, particularly two years down the road. Unfortunately, that’s a fact a lot of Trump supporters just can’t handle.


In fact, as long as we’re being frank about it, Donald Trump himself can’t handle this fact, and has attacked Republicans for saying so. According to him, it’s even the reason he withdrew his endorsement for Mo Brooks, of Alabama — not because Brooks was trailing in his Senate race, but because he dared to suggest that the focus of voters should be forward, not on an election that is already over.

Frighteningly, a lot of voters — actual real adults who go out in public, work jobs alongside the rest of us, raise kids, and vote — hold the same false belief as Trump. The Hill reported last year that a poll had revealed more than a third of voters — and over half of Republicans polled — believed the 2020 election “should be” overturned.

Here’s what happens when they’re faced with reality, and someone tells them the honest truth.

Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, didn’t even try to tell the assembled crowd that the election was fair and that Trump lost. He merely pointed out the single most basic election fact: there is no changing the outcome of the 2020 election now. That remains true even if you believe “stolen election” conspiracy theories, even if you support Trump, even if you believe that Joe Biden is actually an actor in a mask pretending to be the President.

Unfortunately, cult members don’t accept reality when it doesn’t fit with their views.

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