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[WATCH] Is MAGA Over? Republicans Are Learning They Can Defy Trump and Still Survive

[WATCH] Is MAGA Over? Republicans Are Learning They Can Defy Trump and Still Survive

It was another bad Friday capping off another bad week for Donald Trump, who has seemingly run out the clock on running from the long arm of the law. Not only is Trump facing a deposition he can’t duck in New York, but he’s also now facing three new lawsuits in connection with his activities on January 6th. And then there was that bombshell revelation from the National Archives that Trump brought classified documents home with him to Mar-A-Lago after leaving the White House, which is a federal crime.

So…maybe you don’t want Trump endorsing you if you’re a Republican seeking re-election, even if you were once happy to be anointed by the so-called “kingmaker”. Everything Trump touches dies. So it’s not really surprising that a few of the more high-profile ride-or-die MAGA guys are now like “I don’t know her” when it comes to using Trump’s endorsement in their campaign ads.

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Several high-profile GOP candidates have released ads, but it’s as if they just didn’t have a party leader these last few years (I mean, they really didn’t, but that’s a tangent for another time). Herschel Walker and Ron Johnson are both close allies who have each received Trump’s endorsement, yet neither mention him in their ads. Walker also doesn’t mention his history of abuse, but again, not the point of this particular story.

While this is going on, other members of the GOP are quietly aligning with Mike Pence for a potential bid of his own for the presidency in 2024. While there has also been ample support for Florida Man Ron “Let’s Squeeze Out a Few More Deaths Before This Pandemic Is Over” DeSantis, Pence is said to have some major players in his corner.

It only stands to reason that more Republicans seeking re-election will also seek to distance themselves from someone who’s constantly triangulating from courtrooms in New York to DC to Atlanta. Trump’s few remaining loyalists may find themselves in the unenviable position of having to choose between public loyalty to Trump and their own political futures. There’s only more damning information coming. How long before the trickle becomes a flood? MAGA can’t keep trying to distract with Hillary. They really should have considered what they were getting into when they signed their deals with this particular devil back in 2016.

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Now, how long before the rest of the MAGA kids realize the show’s over and it’s time to go home while Donny is all distracted by the New York Attorney General, the Manhattan DA, the Fulton County DA, and the January 6th Committee?


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