WATCH: Is FBI Skipping Over Elected Insurrectionists? Josh Hawley’s Response

The FBI is diligently seeking out every single individual involved in, or connected with, the insurrection attempt that took place at the U.S. Capitol Building in January. Well, almost every individual. Though they’ve tracked cell phone data, posted photos, and showed up at the doors of individuals who were present, Josh Hawley says they haven’t spoken to him yet, despite his shows of support for the crowd.

[Photo by Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images]

Hawley appeared for an interview with the Washington Post, and discussed the January attack. Several clips from the discussion surfaced that are of particular interest regarding Hawley. Below Hawley declares his support for the protestors who came to DC to pressure legislators to overturn the outcome of the election, differentiating them from those who actually entered the building. In the further clips, he has to be gently corrected by the interviewer, when he claims the Washington Post is “silencing” him — while actually hosting him on their program. Finally, he says that the FBI has not talked to him about any role he played in the insurrection attempt.

As the Columbia Daily Tribune reports, Hawley’s support of the insurrectionists, his promotion of Trump’s Big Lie, and his insistence to continue with objecting to the election outcome even after Republican leadership said that to do so would be to give the mob what they came for, resulted in calls for him to resign, the loss of a book deal, and some donors asking for their money back.

It’s not clear if other lawmakers who were connected to the attack have been questioned, or if they (and Hawley) will be at some future point, but for the moment, his assertion, at least, is that his role has not been addressed.

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