WATCH: Is FBI Investigating Donald Trump? Senator Questions Director, Urges To Do So

Perpetrators of the January 6th insurrection attempt are still being pursued and prosecuted. However, there are a lot of questions about the potential for consequences for some of the major political figures and influencers who drove the lies that led to the attack.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

In a hearing Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray had the opportunity to respond to some of these questions. He was specifically given a chance by Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) to confirm or deny that the FBI is investigating Donald Trump for his role in the attack. However, he would not exonerate the former president, nor would he confirm that Trump is a target in the investigation, instead saying that it would be wrong for him to give that information.

In response, the lawmaker says, “I would urge you to do it. He said to come to Washington on the day of the electoral college [confirmation]…..he said it will be big and it will be wild.”

While Director Wray would not confirm that Donald Trump is the subject of an investigation with regard to incitement of the riot and attack on Congress, he is one of the defendants in a civil suit alleging the same. Representative Eric Swalwell has sued Trump, along with Rudy Giuliani and Representative Mo Brooks, arguing that the three fired up a crowd with violent and inciteful rhetoric, aimed them at the Capitol Building, where Congress was set to meet to confirm the electoral vote affirming Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, and let them go.

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