[Watch] Is Baron Trump Going Back Into the Classroom? Many Want to Know

As President Trump and conservatives are pressuring schools to reopen many are wondering whether Trump’s son, Baron, will return to school.  Many places are hesitant to reopen schools as the country has yet to get a firm grip on the spread of the coronavirus. Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, has been using her position to pressure schools as well.

Earlier in the week, President Trump announced that ICE would be removing international students who only have online classes which is seen by many as another way to force universities to fully reopen. Many universities had planned to use a combination of on-campus and online classes. President Trump and Melania have been silent as to whether Baron would be returning to school and many point out that it is because no one is asking them about it.

The press hands always been hands-off when it comes to Baron Trump. Many reporters may see it as a line they should not cross, but many point out that the current situation involving schools reopening during a pandemic makes the question about Baron legitimate. Many would suggest hypocrisy if Baron is allowed to stay home while other children are forced to risk their lives in a packed classroom.

For many people, President Trump is gambling with the lives of their children and it would only be fair if Baron takes the same risk. It is important to note that nothing has been set in stone as many places are unsure if they will be sending students back to school despite the pressure from the White House.


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