WATCH: Ingraham Says Teachers Are Essential Workers, Must Return to Class Regardless of Safety Concerns

Of all the Fox News anchors, none have pushed back against COVID-19 restrictions than Laura Ingraham. She has also pushed the drug hydroxychloroquine even after multiple doctors said that it might be unsafe. The Fox host was also forced to pull a false tweet about the drug down from her Twitter page.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

So it is no surprise, then, that Ingraham has taken the White House’s side on the issue of fully re-opening schools in the fall. The host says that teachers are essential workers and must return to class regardless of concerns about their safety.

After a long rant about the virus being a fact of life, Ingraham went in on teachers. “Kids need to stay in school,” she said. “Teachers are essential workers. They’re just like firefighters and policemen that way. They need to be on the job.”

The Fox host then claimed that there won’t be danger if kids return to class. “A new German study out today confirms what we knew from Iceland’s experience. There’s no evidence that kids spread covid in school.”

Ingraham closed her remarks:

“The anti-science crowd claiming to be the science crowd, from California to Montgomery County, Maryland, have announced that they are going to hold no in person education for kids, if you can believe that. The idiotic modified schedules of New York and places like Virginia are a total nightmare as well. This will be catastrophic for parents and kids. Start making noise on that.”

Watch a clip of Ingraham’s remarks below, courtesy of Fox News:


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