WATCH: Ingraham Says Left's Negative Stories About Trump Will Get Him Assassinated

As of now, Donald Trump is facing legal jeopardy in several states. That hasn't stopped him from seeking the presidency in 2024. And Republican voters seem willing to stick with him regardless of his issues. He has a commanding lead in any poll concerning the Republican nomination. 

Seeing that he has been enduringly popular, Democrats have continually discussed the dangers of another Trump term in the White House. According to Laura Ingraham, talking about the dangers of Trump could get him assassinated. 

The Fox host made the comments while speaking with Tulsi Gabbard. She asked the former congresswoman, "Tulsi, you're saying they're inviting someone to take a shot at Trump. I think you're right."

Gabbard answered:

"Yes, this is what is dangerous. They're sending a message to a rogue actor, a lone wolf saying, 'Hey, we need someone to save our country from this modern-day Hitler-like person.' And that is what should alarm every single American. This is not how the United States of America is. This is not who we are. And, yet, this is what these people in positions of power are doing and abusing their power and undermining our democracy, cause in their minds the end justifies the means."

The host followed, "I am terrified for our country right now, given that type of rhetoric. I mean, unlike the left, we don't believe in censoring people's speech, but by doing what they're doing and saying what they're saying, they can talk about dog whistles, that's a dog whistle to violence. If Hitler is in waiting, then you've got to stop Hitler."