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WATCH: InfoWars Recommends Ron DeSantis, Rather Than Trump, For POTUS — Because Of Vaccines

WATCH: InfoWars Recommends Ron DeSantis, Rather Than Trump, For POTUS — Because Of Vaccines

Donald Trump has caused a significant stir among his fan base by publicly announcing that he has received the booster shot to increase his protection against COVID-19, and by declaring very firmly that the vaccines work, even contradicting other right-wing figures to do so. Some Republican voters have even expressed distrust in him over his sudden strong support for vaccines.

DAYTONA BEACH, [Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images]

Alex Jones’ InfoWars isn’t missing the opportunity to appeal to that demographic. To the segment of anti-vaxxers who feel strongly enough about their conspiracy theories to reject Trump over them, the network offers an alternative endorsement. Who’s next in line for the q-anon crowd if Donald Trump is out over vaccine vacillation? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who, in contrast, has refused to publicly answer the question of whether he’s had a booster shot.

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Well, as we see Donald Trump come out and shill for the vaccines and talk about how he didn’t want to fire Anthony Fauci….we’re considering what the political future for the America First/Great Awakening/Trump movement is. Is it Donald Trump or do statements like this overwhelm us and leave a bad taste in our mouths, that we don’t want to support him anymore? So, who would there be, which is the ultimate question. Well, Ron DeSantis is obviously emerging as a potential frontrunner and in many polls is ahead of Donald Trump.

The far-right has embraced anti-vax conspiracy theories, with many choosing to chase alternative therapies instead. Trump’s own downplaying of the pandemic and secretiveness about his initial vaccination is typically credited as the major contributing factor for this. However, with midterm elections approaching, he’s done something of an about-face, assuring his audience that the vaccines are effective and safe.

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