WATCH: InfoWars Host Plans To Marshall Fans To Defy COVID-19 Protection Measures

With the nation locked down and the economy suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still people out there who are determined to get the nation back to business as usual, despite the dangers that poses. One such person is host Owen Shroyer on Alex Jones’ infamous conspiracy podcast Infowars.

Anna Shvets/Pexels

Shroyer took to the airwaves on Infowars on Monday and told the listeners of “The Alex Jones Show”  and said that we are living under “tyranny and communism” under the government’s social distancing guidelines.

He went on to say that the orders under which we are all living now are somehow “more deadly than the coronavirus.” He also showed a soft spot for followers of the crackpot QAnon conspiracy theory. These are people who do not believe that the coronavirus is as deadly as the government says, even as the body counts mount. Shroyer proclaimed to his audience:

“I guess that’s why so many people have latched onto the Q movement, because it’s the only thing that makes sense to them at this point. So, I get it.”

And this is where Shroyer really gets dangerous. Alex Jones has a large band of conspiracy theorist followers, and he knows it. His plan seems to be to mobilize that base in deliberate defiance of social distancing guidelines. Shroyer said:

“It’s time for the people in the Trump administration and people in the media—this is the week, folks. It’s make-or-break this week, OK? We can’t go on like this anymore. Re-open the economy next week, re-open everything next week, or I really might come on here just start calling for revolting against this.”

“I’m not calling for violence or illegal activity, but I’m saying host parties, go out on the town in groups, go to your stadium, say, ‘Open up the ballgames again.’ This is America. Let’s live.”

No matter what he says, Shroyer IS calling for illegal activity. These “stay-at-home” orders, in many places, are legally binding. No matter what he and his lunatic followers think, we are at war with this virus, and they are crossing enemy lines.

Hopefully, this is a fringe movement and a fringe part of the nation who cannot see what is right in front of their eyes. Either way, if this plan comes to fruition, they all need to be arrested and fined.

Watch the clip below:

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