WATCH: “We’ll See Indictments This Summer” Why One Former Prosecutor Thinks Trump Is Out Of Time

A former prosecutor has been discussing the legal issues Donald Trump is facing, and he now says he believes indictments could hit the former president before the summer is out. He also thinks that when they do, Trump will be facing jail time.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Kirschner tells Peacock TV‘s Zerlina Maxwell that Trumps list of crimes — “many of them committed in the harsh light of day” — all add up to him being the “most investigated and least prosecuted person on the planet.” However, he thinks a move is happening soon, and “jail time is certainly in the mix.”

As Kirschner points out, Trump is facing investigation by numerous entities, including Souther District of New York’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance over possible financial crimes, the state of Georgia over election interference, and any possible probes by the U.S. Justice Department. As reported by the Wasington Post, the investigation into the Trump Organization by the State of New York is now a criminal probe, rather than merely civil.

In fact it’s this announcement from the New York Attorney General’s office that makes Kirschner so certain that things are in motion. Speaking on the Dean Obeidallah Show, he was asked about a statement by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, who was already predicting indictments by the end of the year before the announcement from the NY AG’s office, and now says indictments are coming “definitely before summer’s end.”

Kirschner concurs, because “I don’t think [New York District Attorney Letitcia] James steps to the microphone, figuratively, issues this press release, saying ‘Listen up everybody, we are now going criminally after the Donald Trump organization,’ — you don’t do that unless you know indictments are imminent, because you would look foolish. You would have egg on your face. I do think they’re still getting prosecutorial ducks in order but I think we’re getting to the end game. And you know what? I agree with Michael Cohen. I think we’re going to see indictments this summer.”

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