WATCH: Incoherent Trump Says If Green New Deal Passes They’ll be No More Windows or Cows

There has always been a danger to giving Donald Trump a microphone and letting him ramble. If you do, the former president may claim that the sound from wind turbines cause cancer. Or he may suggest killing the coronavirus by injecting poisonous bleach into people’s bloodstream.

trump twitter war explosion
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Last night in Arizona, Trump was given over an hour and a half to ramble. And, of course, he hit all of his white grievance talking points. But things got stranger when he began to fear monger about the Green New Deal. \

Trump told the crowd:

“The Green New Deal, it will destroy our country this Green New Deal. It’s Green New Bullsh*t, that’s what it is. It’s bullsh*t. No more windows in buildings because environment. You know I always did great with these buildings, you know the bigger the window, the better I did. I wanted floor to ceiling windows. But they say you can’t do that anymore, ‘we don’t want windows.’ It’s going to be real hard to sell apartment, I think. We have a beautiful apartment and for environmental reasons we have not put windows in the building. These people are crazy. And what ever happened to cows? Do you remember they were going to get rid of all the cows? You know why they were going to get rid of people next.”

Watch a clip of the comments below:

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