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WATCH: “In My Defense, I’m Racist” SNL Hits Tucker Carlson’s Russia Coverage

WATCH: “In My Defense, I’m Racist” SNL Hits Tucker Carlson’s Russia Coverage

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, among other right-wing television personalities on Fox News, have been criticized recently for statements about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Saturday Night Live, the long-running sketch comedy, did not pass up the opportunity to satirize the two.

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You can see the full cold open for the latest episode of SNL below. In it, Carlson and Ingraham are portrayed admitting that their commentary on Russia — such as Carlson’s musing over whether Vladimir Putin is really any worse than American liberals, and Ingraham’s labeling of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “pathetic” — is “pretty awful in hindsight — and foresight.”

Bringing up his obsession with the southern border of the United States, Carlson is satirized as declaring, “I kept saying we should be more worried about our own border getting invaded by Mexico. But in my defense, I am racist, so I thought it was true.”

The cold open didn’t stop at the Fox hosts, though. It also lampooned Donald Trump, with a musical appearance featuring the former President of the United States crooning a love song to Vladimir Putin, and slammed Donald Trump Jr. with a portrayal of him, along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, performing a duet about the joy they take in “that big Russian convoy,” concluding with Don Jr. (who has been rubbing his nose throughout) asking to be directed to a bathroom with a mirrored counter.

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The Trumps have not yet responded to this particular characterization of them, but throughout the elder’s presidential term, he raged at SNL for satirizing him, even reportedly asking the Justice Department to make them stop.

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