[WATCH]: In Kenosha, Woman Arrested For Saying Cop Has “Little D*ck”

A video is going viral after an unidentified woman was arrested for speaking disparagingly of an officer’s genitals. In the video, she is asked to leave the area. She collects her belongings and is on her way, but the officer keeps moving towards her. After she says he has a “little d*ck,” he declares that she’s under arrest.

Kenosha journalist arrested for telling cop his d*ck is small
[Screenshot via YouTube]

The video is being shared across social media, though the woman has not yet been identified publicly, and it’s not entirely clear whether she was charged after the phone drops and the video cuts out. In the short clip, when asked what the charges are, the officer says disorderly conduct and being out after curfew. However, the journalist was being allowed to go along her way until she criticized the officer’s personal equipment.

The officer asks her to leave, she gathers her stuff and is on her way. She has to ask him not to touch her, though, as he hurries her along.

Don’t touch me, don’t touch me. I’m walking, you don’t need to touch me. At this point, you’re just showing all of us how little your d*ck is.

She’s on the way away from the area, leaving as directed, but now the officer changes his mind. “You’re under arrest,” he calls out. She asks the charge, and he says, “Disorderly conduct and curfew.” After the woman’s phone falls, the officer can be heard telling her, “You were being a child.”

Today Headline identifies the woman and her colleagues as Kenosha journalists, though not by name, who were filming in order to demonstrate to the public that there’s no one out — that, contrary to some narratives, Kenosha isn’t burning.

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