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WATCH: In Deleted TikTok, Man “Hunts” “Nonbinaries;” Plans To Force Them In His Vehicle

WATCH: In Deleted TikTok, Man “Hunts” “Nonbinaries;” Plans To Force Them In His Vehicle

TikTok has removed the video, but not before copies of it were downloaded by other users. In it, a man proudly videos himself carrying out what he calls a “snipe hunt,” demanding that nonbinary individuals (who he refers to as “nonbinaries”) be turned over to him.

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If he finds anyone who fits his criteria, he says his plan is to load them in the back of his vehicle and transport them — presumably against their will, since there’s nothing to suggest anyone would go with him willingly — to an unnamed hospital for unspecified treatment.

Content warning for language, as well as for threatening behavior.

“This may come off a little transphobic but it’s not,” he insists. “It’s not. I’m doing the Lord’s work, I’m trying to help people. I’m here to get all the non-binaries.”

If that didn’t set any alarm bells off, perhaps the fact that while he says this, the words “snipe hunting” and “the Lord’s work” are superimposed over his face should.

Twitter sleuths have, unsurprisingly, quickly linked the man’s TikTok and name to his public Facebook page, which lists his place of work as the University of Central Oklahoma, where he says he’s an assistant athletic trainer. The university has not yet responded to inquiries, but social media users are already reaching out to ask whether they condone this.

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It’s not even the first video — his current TikTok account boasts that he’s been banned from the site 47 times so far, and PatriotTakes was able to dig up another video in which he encourages his followers to “go hunting…get out into the deep woods” and assures them there are “a lot of non-binaries running around everywhere,” and urges viewers to “Catch them hoes. Pow!” as he makes a rifle-shooting gesture.

Anti-trans hate is nothing new in America, as anyone paying attention can attest, but videos like these, encouraging violence, serve to reiterate just how important it is to fight for legal protections and social acceptance for everyone in the LGBTQ community, including enbys and gender non-comforming individuals.

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