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WATCH: In Debate, Republican Is Asked To Defend His Vote To Impeach Trump (He Nails It)

WATCH: In Debate, Republican Is Asked To Defend His Vote To Impeach Trump (He Nails It)

Tom Rice is up for re-election to the U.S. House, representing South Carolina’s 7th District, and he is facing half a dozen primary challengers. He’s also a Republican who voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump.

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His primary is on June 14th, and in this week’s debate, he was asked what many Republicans might consider a hard question in a party that’s still very Trumpian. He was asked to defend his decision to impeach the former president. He said exactly what every Republican in Congress should have had the spine to say.

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“My friends, I was there on January 6th. I wasn’t absent, I was there. I saw the bomb squads defusing bombs. I smelled the tear gas. I was on the House floor when glass was breaking, when they were trying to break down the doors. When we evacuated out past Capitol officers who were beaten and broken and being pulled from the lines.

When we got to the spot where we were evacuated to, Fox News was on the tv. I was getting calls from back here from friends and the news. As I was talking to the news media back here, I kept saying, ‘where is the president? Where is the president? Where is the president?’ But he never came on. I knew he was gonna come on and say, ‘the violence has got to stop,’ but he never did, for four hours.”

Not only that, Rice points out, but while attackers were in the Capitol, Trump sent out another tweet that Rice considers clear incitement, and says that if the attackers had gotten to Pence, “We could have lost our democracy that day.”

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