[WATCH] “Arizona Karen” Gets Slapped For Being a Racist

First of all, sorry to those women out there named Karen, but the term has taken on the meaning of the entitled, angry white woman these days. Now we have the latest in this series of “Karen’s.” There is a video on YouTube of two unidentified women having a confrontation at an Arizona gas station. One is white and one appears to be Hispanic. The white woman can be heard telling the gas station clerk not to serve the Hispanic Woman who is accompanied by an unidentified Hispanic Male. The White woman can be heard telling the Hispanic woman to “go back to her country.”

The man filming the encounter can be heard interjecting. This apparently annoyed the white woman who turns her attention to him and begins berating him. She accuses him of calling her the B-word which he denies and cannot be heard in the video. She then returns her attention to the Hispanic woman and continues to try to force her to leave the gas station.

The white woman then walks into the Hispanic woman’s face and tells her to leave again. When the white woman walks away she is grabbed by the arm by the Hispanic woman and is slapped twice in the face. The white woman is stunned and cannot believe it happened. She fixes her shades and exits the gas station. It seems the racist white woman was brave until things got physical.

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