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(WATCH) Immigrants Crawl Through Steel Slat Fencing at San Diego / Mexico Border

(WATCH) Immigrants Crawl Through Steel Slat Fencing at San Diego / Mexico Border

When most critics attack President Trump’s idea of building steel slat fencing across the U.S./Mexico border, their main arguments are that people can either find ways under or over the wall, or simply sneak across the border at legal ports of entry. The list of arguments usually doesn’t include anyone making a claim that immigrants can just go right through the fencing.

A new video, however, released by traveling video journalist Michael Mansueto, shows that Mexican immigrants at the San Diego / Tijuana border are actually crawling right through the steel slat fencing.

On his YouTube channel, “Around the World at the Speed of Mike,” Mansueto filmed immigrant adults and children crossing the border by going directly through the steel slat fencing that runs along the beach.

As you can see, this fencing has barbed wire all around it on the Mexican side of the border, and additional metal sheets attached to the steel slats on the American side.  It appears that at the bottom of the fencing, where the tidal waters washed away sand, there are a couple feet of steel slats that are not covered with barbed wire or metal sheets, and there is apparently enough space between these slats for humans to squeeze though.

“I guess  they can just fit through the slats,” Mansueto said. “So that’s how well steel slats work, as you can see.”

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After about 14 immigrants snuck through the slats, border patrol agents arrived to weld additional sheets of metal onto the exposed slats.

“It looks like they’ve done this many times before,” Mansueto, who has previously lived in San Diego explained.

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