WATCH: “I’m Scraping For Freedom!” Conspiracy Theorist Pulls Up Social Distancing Stickers

A conspiracy theorist is going viral after he was caught on video scraping up social distancing markers in a store, while shouting about the World Health Organization, rewriting society, and liberation of society. The man moves around aisles of a store, while employees repeatedly ask him to stop and leave the store, using a knife or scraper to remove stickers from the floor, and ranting about freedom and “anti-destruction.”

ranting anti-masker removes social distancing
[Screenshot via Fifty Shades of Whey/Twitter]

“I’m not here to cause violence! I’m here to liberate the people!” a conspiracy theorist shouts in a clip that’s circulating on social media. As he scrapes distance markers off of the floor, a store employee follows and collects them, presumably for later replacement. A store employee can be heard citing security bylaws, and pointing out that the man is on private property, engaging in destruction.

“Destruction?” the man shouts. “This is the anti-destruction!”

When asked to please leave the store, he responds, “You can say please, but they’re not saying please to us at the World Health Organization! They’re not saying please as they rewrite our society! We need some pushback now, or there’ll be pushback never. We’re not playing around anymore. We’re scraping for truth. We’re scraping for freedom!”

As conspiracy theories circulate about COVID-19, people have been caught on video coughing on grocery merchandise, shouting in stores, and even entering hospitals in attempts to prove that empty waiting rooms somehow negate death rates, testing, and information from medical experts. The U.S. is approaching 5 million positive cases, and has hit the mark of over 1,000 deaths per day.

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