WATCH: I Want To See More People Get COVID-19, Alabama State Senator Says

Alabama State Senator Del Marsh says he’s not concerned about the growing number of COVID-19 cases. In fact, he says he’d like to see more people contract the disease. He’s hoping for herd immunity, although experts say there’s no evidence having caught the virus once makes a person immune and unable to catch it again, especially as strains mutate.

I want to see more cases of COVID-19 says Del Marsh
ANNISTON, AL – MAY 13- Alabama State Senator and President Pro Tem Del Marsh poses for a photo on the grounds of the hotel he owns on Monday, May 13, 2019 in Anniston, AL. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Del Marsh suggests he’s banking on the immunity to reinfection that is often associated with viruses, and on herd immunity. If most people develop an immunity to an illness, either by receiving a vaccine or by fighting off the virus, then those who cannot safely get the virus or vaccination are partially protected, since they’re unlikely to encounter it in a healthy population. “In fact, quite honestly, I want to see more people,” he said, “because we start reaching an immunity as more people have it and get through it,”

Marsh clarified that those who are more susceptible should be cautious not to contract the virus.

However, the World Health Organization still says there’s no evidence those who fall sick with the coronavirus develop antibodies that would prevent catching it a second time.

According to WFSA12, Alabama hit a new record number of cases for the fifth day in a row on Thursday, with 1,125 patients admitted to hospitals. The state’s hospitals are converting other wards to prepare for ICU needs, and resources are already being strained. Dr. Don Williamson, M.D., Executive Director of the Alabama Hospital Association, told the network that beds are running shorter than ever, and said, “Right now, we’re managing it. But you know, with 200 ICU beds, with 1,100 plus patients with COVID in the hospital, with 1,700 adult medicine beds, we can cope with where we are now. What we can’t cope with is the sustained increase in the number of patients.”

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