WATCH: “I Have To Look Nancy Pelosi In Her Cold Evil Eyes” Madison Cawthorn Thinks He’s D.C.’s Spiritual Warrior

Madison Cawthorn seems to believe that he has a spiritual role in Washington D.C., rooting out evil and battling for good. He told a crowd of supporters at a Faith & Freedom event that he is waging a spiritual battle, and that the nation’s capital is filled with evil.

[Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

In particular, apparently having to look Nancy Pelosi in the eye is hard for Cawthorn, who thinks she has a “cold, evil” look. When even a crowd of supporters laughs at this revelation, Cawthorn defends it by bringing up the recently-addressed legislation to make abortion accessible.

“…I’m here to tell you, with firsthand knowledge, [D.C.] is evil and vile. But I will tell you, when I’m there, I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of darkness, as if the devil has complete dominion of that area, because I feel a spiritual battle going on on Capitol Hill…when I have to look Nancy Pelosi in her cold evil eyes every single day, and you know we all laugh, because it’s funny, but I’ll tell ya, she literally just passed a bill yesterday, trying to say that we can abort babies on demand all the way up until right before the day of birth. When we hear the fact that if a baby comes through a botched abortion and is alive sitting there on the table, they then still have the right to murder that child, we realize that when I quip and say I look her in her cold evil eyes it’s not a joke.”

While it’s true that the House (not Speaker Pelosi on her own) did pass a bill protecting access to abortions, there is no legal protection to kill a baby that has been born — this is a favorite false story that anti-choicers pass around.

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